In Conversation with Ankush Bharti


Ms Ankush Bharti is the Chief Operations Officer of Writers’ Kalam Publishing and Education. Also, the Editor-in-Chief of The Holistic Pine, the independent monthly lifestyle international journal released by Writers’ Kalam. Let us know more about it in an interview.

Q1) Tell us  about your journey in the field of writing.

Ans :My journey as a writer has been a continuous process.I started writing poetry at a very young age.I love reading.When I was small my Dad would motivate me to read extra books .I would spend hours in the library. In the process of reading I became a writer.I have written poems, fiction, nonfiction and plays.I make sure even today to atleast write something each day.I contribute to anthologies.I have compiled two myself.One is ‘Letters to Life’ and other is ‘Stories from the Soil’.Letters to Life was multilingual anthology compiled by me.Stories from the Soil is super special because it is my dedication to my village and rural India.

Q2) You have been an co author in several anthologies. Which is your favorite genre of writing?

Ans :I have co-authored several anthologies and compiled two of them.One was ‘Letters to Life’ and the other is Stories from the Soil.It’s very difficult to say which genre excites me the most as I am comfortable in poetry,fiction and nonfiction.If I have to name just one I would say fiction.In the recent book Stories from the Soil I thought of compiling stories.

Q3) You have recently won several awards. Tell us about your inspiring journey till now.

Ans :My journey as a writer began when I was very small maybe in class 4th.I would write poetry.We were made to focus on English language and reading.While reading a lot I started scribbling poetry and articles.My first poem was published in my school magazine in class 4th.It gave me motivation to continue writing.The real shape my skills took was in my college and i participated in several writing competitions.I wanted to do something in print journalism,I am trained in content writing and content marketing. I learnt the technical aspect of content during the course.In a way my experience creative and content writing paved my way to the The Holistic Pine journal.Writing is a non-stop process and getting awards gives any writer or author a boost to continue.

The biggest victory or I would say satisfaction for a writer is to get awarded at a National platform.I recently got the Penman award in which there were international and national writers.I have won may awards for best co -author.My writing skills became more enhanced after Writers’kalam. Being the Editor- in-Chief of The Holistic Pine gave me more boost as a writer.I try contributing my time  regularly for writing and reading.

Q4) Nowadays the youth has lost interest towards reading. What is your view on this topic ? Why is reading important for the youth ?

Ans : Reading is very important.It helps to gain more knowledge.All the digital vedio platforms have made knowledge accessible at the click of a button.When we came with Writers’ Kalam our main idea was to start the culture of reading again amongst people by introducing this journal.We made it available in print too.The lost in  interest of the youth is due to over busy schedules and change in priorities.Reading is very important as it helps in development of brain,vocabulary building, improves language and communication skills. Reading is the best tool to provide young people with access to information and knowledge. Reading for me is thearapeutic it helps to relieve stress and is the best escape from the pressures of daily life and help them unwind.Even today I make it a point to read eveyday.I think it should be adopted as a healthy practice by everyone especially those who want to excel in the field of writing.

Q5) You wish to write a solo book soon. What would be the topic. Tell us more about it ?

Ans:  My book is about to come.I am working on it.The topic is going to be educational.It is my dream project that got delayed due to my overbusy schedule but I’m looking forward to release it by April.This book is something that anyone can relate to.The title I can’t reveal now.This book is going to be super special as it will be my debut solo book.I was working on several drafts but I decided to come up with this.

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