In Conversation with Eminent Author of Songs of Soul and Davaprabha

Interview with Shrikrishna Kulkarni

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Q1) Since when did you know you wanted to become a writer? What was your first write-up?

I had written a poem, “Late in the Night,” at a sudden spur of imagination as if rain burst forth from the clouded sky. The poem placed first in the college competition. I got encouraged and started believing in my ability to write. I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a child. Most of my childhood I spent wandering in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, and mythology. I had developed a mystical attitude toward my small life, and philosophical inquiries started overwhelming my mind. I then decided that I should spend the majority, if not the entirety, of my life writing in literature or reading. I read and write when I have time, though not as much as I would like.

Q2) How did you decide the plot for the book “Songs of Soul?”

As such, Songs of Soul is a collection of my poems on varied topics like philosophy, love, eternity, death, etc. There is no plot as such, but I have randomised the poems so that eight to ten poems provide a recipe for each theme. It is mainly to depict my feelings when I was searching in the depths of my mind for the basic elements that are interplaying to provide inspiration for life, which comprises many different wonders related to our existence.

Q3) Nowadays the youth is losing interest in the writing as they are more interested towards social media.  What are your views about this topic?

Social media is just that it is technology, which brings people together and enables sharing, collaborating, etc. It is always a positive change because of the speed and scale at which this can happen. However, it should be exercised with caution, and anyone should be wary of the potential dangers of getting addicted to it. It should not be exercised to the extent that it creates compulsive tendencies. When we talk about youth, they are losing interest in writing, which may not be a very accurate statement. In today’s scenario, youth are burdened with more responsibilities than at any time in the past. They must excel in their studies, persevere through adversity, devote themselves to their jobs, and find time to pursue their interests. So they should practise effective time management. Then the need to motivate them to write comes. I think there is less motivation for youth to write. That is the main reason they are losing interest.

Q4) How much time did it take in the process of curation or the book ? How was your experience after the publishing of the book?

The poems were written at different points in time, and I thought of publishing them when the number reached around 75. Last year, I wrote around 80% of the poems. Then I contacted BlueRose Publishers on August, 2022. It took around 3.5 months to list the book. My experience with the publisher was smooth. I am getting a good response after publishing. It has been one month now since the book was listed.

Q5) There are several authors who wants to start authoring books. But they are unaware where to start from. Kindly guide them about this topic.

The overall process can be divided into four parts: editing, copyright, publication/listing, and marketing. The aspiring authors need to decide to publish when substantial work is done. There is no point in waiting. Make an attempt. Then contact the publisher and sign a contract with them. There are various cost options, and you can select whatever suits you. One advice is to keep some budget for promoting the book after publication, although your chosen plan contains a few marketing options. Proofreading and editing require significant effort as well. Copyright and ISBN are important parts of the publication process. The book needs to undergo reviews and other promotional activities post-publication or listing.


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