In conversation with Eminent Psychologist and NLP Practitioner Dr. Fauzia Shamshad

by Subhechcha Ganguly

   You have been in the psychology profession for a while now, what is the most common problem that you in the kids today?

I am in this profession since 2012. Just after finishing my PH.D, I got the chance to work with physician in Ghaziabad. There I got the chance to work on varieties of psychological problems. If we particularly talk about children , the most common problem at that time was exam stress , fear and phobia’s and personality development problems but these day, especially after covid, the main problem is mobile addiction and from that a trail of problem starts like lack of focus in studies, loss of attention and memory, lack of etiquette, unable to socialize and so on

 Since you have dealt with lot of cases, can you tell how much time or what is the average number of sessions has to be taken up by kids during therapy?


It depends upon the age of child , if the child 1 to 6 years of the age than it is the parent who have to take session to understand how to deal with this addiction. From 7 to 13 years both parents and child have to come for session . from 14 onwards if the child is willing to make improvement in their life than it will take 12 to 15 sessions.

Tell us something about Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is the science of auto- suggestion. It is a myth that you can hypnotise anyone by showing a pendulum. We can only hypnotise a person who want to get hypnotise. We use it with people who are unable to come out of some trauma or who have lots of potential but not able to achieve their dreams, it can be use foe people who have low self- esteem, lack of confidence.

There are several issues that a modern age parent faces when it come to parenting? What suggestion you can give to them as power parenting coach?


First thing is that they have to change the paradigm of parenting. Parenting is not a technique to discipline a child. Parenting means what qualities does parent need to develop as a result of that they could do a proper nurturing of a child. This is the important paradigm to understand because parents does not want to change their style and pattern but they aspect their child to live a discipline life. Secondly , they must have a value system at home. They should be clear to child the parameter   of goodness, greatness, respect , evil , bad and success. Being a parent is not about creating a perfect world for our children. It is about providing them with love and support they need to feel valued and safe in this very imperfect world they are living in.


 One advice you want to give people struggling with mental health these days?

People should take equal care of there mental health as they take care of there physical health. Your emotions matter. If nobody understands, you  should take the help of professionals. Its high time  that you should invest in your mental health if you want to achieve something big . Its not nessesary that you  should have some psychological issues to go to mental health professionals. Get a life coach or mentor to unleash your potential and achieve your dreams .

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