India Is No Place For Woman, As 21-Year Old Shot Dead In Haryana


A 21-year old understudy in Haryana was shot dead with no attempt at being simply outside her college by a man who initially attempted to push her into his vehicle. The lady’s homicide in the city, scarcely 30 km from Delhi, has been trapped in an alarming video that gives her endeavours to spare herself before being taken shots at point clear reach.

This incident occurred around 3.40 pm on Monday outside a college in Ballabgarh in Faridabad, where the lady, Nikita Tomar, had gone for her examination. She was a last year trade understudy.

The assailant, Touseef, and his companion Rehan, were evidently hanging tight in a vehicle for her to come out. Touseef and Nikita knew one another and he had abducted her in 2018 as well, said Faridabad cop OP Singh.

In the security video, Nikita and her companion are seen close to the vehicle, urgently attempting to avoid the weapon waving aggressor.

The man continues pursuing her before at last shooting her dead. His companion at that point hauls him to the vehicle and they drive off, leaving Nikita seeping out and about, her companion viewing with sickening apprehension. She kicked the bucket in hospital.

Touseef and Rehan have been booked, as per the police. The lady’s dad had whined against him in 2018 yet had pulled back it, as indicated by the police.

“We grumbled before in 2018 about Touseef annoying my little girl and we had pulled back the grievance to ensure our girl’s name. Presently they have murdered my little girl,” the dad told NDTV.

“My girl went for an assessment at the school. He attempted to persuasively cause her to sit in his vehicle yet she can’t. After a short fight, he shot her.”

Nikita’s mom stated: “I need justice for my little girl. They ought to be shot a similar way they shot her.”

The National Commission for Woman has observed the incident from the video coursing on the web and has kept in touch with the Haryana police to get the other charged.

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