India is now a $4 trillion Economy


In nominal terms, India’s GDP crossed the $4 trillion threshold for the first time ever, according to a rumoured screenshot of a real-time GDP tracker based on IMF data that was picked up by other media sites. This was an incredible achievement for the country.The screenshot was shared by Union Minister of State Arjun Ram Meghwal and other luminaries, such as Maharashtra’s Dy CM Devendra Fadnavis, who emphasised the momentous occasion as evidence of India’s expanding worldwide influence.

With this achievement, India has taken a major step towards realising its lofty goal of having a $5 trillion GDP by 2025. This historic shift has been fueled by the nation’s persistent efforts in a number of areas, as well as by wise governance and well-thought-out policies, which have cemented India’s status as the fastest-growing economy in the world.After these claims made their way across the media, BJP officials, ministers, and well-known businessmen celebrated India’s feat in crossing the $4 trillion threshold, crediting PM Modi’s leadership for it.

Experts and economists, however, voiced doubt about the information posted on social media and warned against trusting real-time forecasts as they frequently turn out to be inaccurate. They emphasised that by the end of the month, official figures on GDP estimates for the second quarter of the fiscal year would be made available.

These reports have not received any official confirmation or refutation. The Ministry of Statistics’ National Statistical Office normally releases the country’s official GDP estimates. All agencies, including foreign ones, use these official estimates as a standard.





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