Industry Titans Unite at BCC& I’s Minerals, Mining, and Metals Conclave for a Sustainable Odyssey towards Vision 2047

The stage was set for a collaborative journey towards a future where challenges are met with unity and resolve.


In the resplendent ambiance of Bhubaneswar’s Swosti Premium Hotel on January 19, 2024, the corridors of industry intellect converged as the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry orchestrated a symphony of ideas at the Minerals, Mining, and Metals Conclave. A congregation graced by luminaries such as Mr. Rana Som, the venerable Mentor of the Minerals & Mining Committee, BCC&I, and Former CMD of NMDC, and Mr. Tuhin Kumar Mukherjee, the sagacious Chairperson of the Minerals and Mining Committee, BCC&I, and distinguished Advisor at Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd., unfolded with an air of anticipation and purpose.


This distinguished gathering witnessed the presence of industry stalwarts, including Mr. Thomas M. Cherian, the astute Managing Director of Essel Mining & Industries Limited, Mr. Pankaj Kumar Satija, the Executive in-Charge of Ferro Alloys & Minerals Division at Tata Steel Ltd., and Mr. Sandeep Kumar, the adept Chairperson of the Metals Committee and MD of TSDPL, each a luminary in their own right.


In the echo of visionary insights, Mr. Rana Som resonated the imperative of aligning strategies with NITI Aayog’s Vision 2047, underscoring the need for a robust plan in the minerals, mining, and metals sector to propel India towards the ambitious goals set for its development. A call for increased iron ore availability, heightened investment in beneficiation, renewable energy infrastructure, and the integration of advanced technology reverberated through his address.


As the spotlight shifted to Mr. Pankaj Kumar Satija, he emphasized the significance of a deliberate and strategic approach, urging meticulous planning from mining to plant, encompassing the entire supply chain. His words carried the weight of foresight, stressing the importance of aligning initiatives with India’s unique position in the global trade landscape.


Meanwhile, Mr. Tuhin Kumar Mukherjee echoed the sentiment of preparedness, calling for collective efforts as “Team India” to navigate the challenges that lie ahead in the dynamic landscape of minerals and mining. The stage was set for a collaborative journey towards a future where challenges are met with unity and resolve.


In the exploration of policy initiatives and the role of mining in the net-zero journey, Mr. Thomas M. Cherian illuminated the path ahead. He accentuated the pivotal role of technology, digital applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) in mining operations, emphasizing the trifecta of technological prowess, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility as the key differentiators for the mining industry.


This confluence of minds at the Minerals, Mining, and Metals Conclave not only unveiled the challenges and aspirations of the industry but also paved the way for a collective pursuit of sustainable progress, fortified by knowledge, strategy, and the spirit of ‘Team India.’

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