Interview with the Author of 31 Shades of Life – Sayantan Barui

An author who lives his life to the fullest

by Subhechcha Ganguly

 Since when have you inculcated interest in the writing ?


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Honestly, I’m more a reader than writer in general. But, as they say, it’s all in your head, life goes on you come across different people, different scenarios in your life, that turns you to a storyteller.

I started jotting down my thoughts at the age of 20. My dadu (grandpa) was the main influencer behind writing. I always has taken him as my role model uptil now.

According to me writing is something very natural. You can’t implicate your ideas on someone, everyone has there unique ways of expressing thoughts, that’s what makes writing an unique form of artistry. You can teach artforms to others, but you can’t chip in a storytelling heart or a poet within a person.


 Give us a brief about your book 31 Shades of Life 

31 Shades of life available on Amazon store, Google books, Google play books. 31 Shades Of Life, well an arrey of memories. This book was part of the “writeathon”. Earlier this year I was writing in different anthology sequels. When Hubbooktique publications came up with this concept of “a month of poetry by an author” . And the concept of 31 Shades Of Life came up.

Amongst so many plots and ideas , how did you find out the idea for 31 Shades of Life 


Ans. Each and every day in our life is not the same. It looks the same but if you jot it down on paper there’s atleast one unique thing which happens everyday. So, I took the 31 poetry collection as the 31 days of my life. It’s all different feelings and emotions I came across at that time, which I gave words. And I tried to put it in a diary format, basically a month in a poet’s life can best summaries this book.

Moreover, 31 shades are the emotions which I correlated to our visualisation. Our feelings and emotions are something which we can’t see but feel, and something you read is always a visualisation.

You have interest in Wild Life Photography .Do tell us about some of your refreshing experiences.


In Sunderban Mangrove Forest, West Bengal


Well, there’s a lot. Within birds and forest floors are still my comfort zone. I find forests more comfortable as my place to mingle, then a city travel location. As an Indian, I always dreamt of traveling all the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of my country. The most intriguing experience uptil now, was confronting a 15-feet salt water crocodile in the Mangroves of my native land. That feeling was unexplainable.


 “Writing helps to maintain good mental health , as it vents out feelings on a piece of paper “. What are your views in this topic?


Yes, it does, I agree writing acts just like detox . But, it doesn’t mean that only things you write must bring out positive dimensions on paper. There’s a lot of emotions we face that we can never say, and it may bring dark vibes on paper. But, everything has to parallel conclusions. Firstly, you created something. Maybe, the thoughts coming out of it is negative, but it’s a creation by itself and you are the creator of it which nobody can take away. Secondly, most of the writers come up with dark laden works now a days, but in my depiction, it’s just to engrave the positivity more vibrantly by keeping the negative words as a blurred background. Ironically, you can’t feel the beauty of silence if there’s no sounds around you.


Any advice that you want to give to the future authors ?

Ans. Just be you, write whatever makes you happy. Just remember writers can never be judged one-way. Everything you create, every word, every phrase you play with is your own. It’s all about how many of us can relate to that. You can’t please the entire world at a time, but you can please many, be grateful to that. Be humble to everything you see, and live in each and every moment, there’s a story hiding in this “gifted” moment as well, you just need to find it.

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