Interview with The Author of Stranger with a Dream -Arvind Sharma

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Books have been a source of happiness , thrill and emotional balance for people in the country. Let us meet the person who has curated the book “Stranger with a dream ”


Q1) Since when did you have interest in writing ? Tell us something about your writing journey ?


I started writing since my School days. I was an introvert during my schooling. I believe that sometimes being an introvert gives you a super power that you can write your feelings in a better way than others. I used to write down everything I was going through and this is how I started. I got my first recognition in 2005 from “Classmates” for my story “Man with a Bag”. Later I started writing poems during my college days with title “Heartbeat – the rhythm of my soul”. Then I started writing about my SSB experience but never complete any story. In 2017 during my stay in Germany I started writing again. The initial idea was to write blog-series but later I compiled it to a single storyline. Each chapter in the book starts with a poem from “Heartbeat” which also gives the reader a glimpse of what is covered in the chapter.



Q2) How did you decide the plot for the book ? Give us a brief about stranger with a Dream ?

I have always been fascinated with the word “Stranger”. Everyone we meet is once a stranger. Later some of the becomes a lesson while some becomes the people to live with. I have meet many strangers who have added values in my life. The story revolves around 2 main characters, Arjun and Abhiram. Arjun is someone who was not very happy with how things are going in his life. He met Abhiram in a train journey where they started conversation. The whole book is a conversation between the two. I think this is going to be one of a kind novel where reader will be reading two stories in parallel. The book can be bought from


Q3) Apart from being an author you have some hobbies as well .Tell us something about your hobbies.

I have many hobbies. Whatever I do and start linking becomes my hobby. Sometimes I cook and I become a chef. I call my friends home for Lunch or dinner where I cook and serve them. Gymming was my hobby but now I am unable to manage time due to my professional and entrepreneur journeys. I like reading books and watching movies in my spare time.

 Q4) You have been involved in social work , and have been awarded for it. Tell us something about how important is social work for the country and about some of your initiatives.

I have always believed in contributing to the society. I started working as an active volunteer for HelpAge India and Cancer Aid Society in my school. After joining Infosys, I joined their CSR as an volunteer where we were focusing on education for the underprivileged school kids. I also visit NGOs on special days. During my volunteer journey with Infosys CSR, we had created our own syllabus to teach students basis English, Maths and computer classes. We established library and computer lab in zila parishad school. We also organized multiple science exhibitions where we brought students to Infosys campus. One of the most emotional day was class 8th farewell day. I was assigned as the mentor for this class and students gave me flowers and handmade gifts on the last day. My focus was that if I can contribute to change a single life also, I will be more than happy. Unfortunately this has stopped now due to busy schedule but I will resume it soon. The book also tells about my vision about the society and how every broken pieces can come together and complete each other. I hope the reader will like that part.

Q5) Give an advice to the youth , on how important is writing in someone’s life and how can one become a better writer.

My advice to youth will be to have a dream worth fighting for. If we don’t have a dream then we are just spending our days on Earth without any vision or goal. I have heard it somewhere that every an insect can manage their livelihood, so if we are blessed to be a human than we have a huge potential. Have a dream, believe on it and start fighting for it. The book tells about the dream of Abhiram and how his decision changed life of many.

Coming to writing part, I believe communication is a very powerful tool. If you are not comfortable in speaking up then start writing up. Whenever I am down emotionally, I write down everything and send it to a trusted friend to read it. I believe it can also help people to come out of depression as it has helped me. To be honest, the first chapter is my emotions only and that is why it is very close to me. Writing down has help me a lot, so the youth should give it a try.

Q6) ” Nowadays the generation has lost interest in writing and has interest in Social Media “. Do let us know your thoughts on it .


Social media is a blessing if we know how to use it and what you want to take out from there. It has been a very powerful tool to keep people together. For me it has been a blessing since I found my love, now my wife, back on social media. We were school friends, then lost and then reunited. But as they say, there are always two sides of a coin. Nowadays, social media is being used to spread negativity. The youth should know what they are looking on social media and should not get carried away with any random stuff. Write your thoughts, share it but don’t spread hatred or negativity. Your social media is a reflection of your mindset.

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