In Conversation with the Eminent Award Winner of Sahityakosh Samman Award 2022 (NE8x LITFEST)

Interview with Author of Arihant: Revenge par Excellence - Shubhan Dattanand Balvally

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Mr. Shubhan, is an eminent Author who has curated four amazing solo books. The books are Noctambulism, Arihant (Revenge par Excellence), Arihant (Part 2), Arihant (Part 3).He has also received prestigious awards. Let us know more about him in this section, Interview with the Authors.

 Since when did you decide that you wanted to become an author? What was your first few write-ups like?

ANSWER: I would like to narrate an interesting tale which happened with me many years back in the year 1983, when I was writing my English exam paper for the 10th Grade/Standard Prelims Exam. And I had to write an Essay titled “AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A RUSTY OLD SWORD”. I don’t know what possessed me, but I wrote an interesting story about how that Sword was possessed by the great king Tipu Sultan and how he fought many wars with it, then the sword was lost and fell into the ocean where a huge mammoth whale swallowed it up and then how a bunch of giant Sting rays attacked the whale and tore it up and the sword sank into the depths of the ocean and then a deep sea diver discovered it on the ocean floor…so on and so forth!….When I got the results, I had gotten full marks for that Essay!! I was happy, my parents were happy, we forgot about it and life moved on. Fast forward to the year, 2009 when I was working with Everest Advertising as their Head of the Films Department, I was hit with a germ of an idea! And I started writing the story, and again, some kind of a spirit possessed me and I churned out a good story and that’s how ARIHANT was born! And that’s when I remembered the 1983 incident and realised that I was born into this world to write, but unfortunately realised it late in life.


You have curated four amazing books .Which one is your personal favourite.


ANSWER: Frankly speaking, each and every book of mine is my favourite book.


 Kindly mention the links from where the readers can get a grasp of these books.

ANSWER: One can buy my books through AMAZON links, which are mentioned below:









They are also available on NOTION PRESS, FLIPKART and BARNES & NOBLE.


It takes a lot of time and research to decide the plot of the stories. What went in your mind when you thought of making the series Arihant? How did you come up with the plot?

ANSWER: I immensely love science fiction movies and their unique stories. I was greatly inspired by the movie THE TERMINATOR written by James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd, way back in 1984. I wanted to write something similar but at the same time, I wanted to write a different and unique story which was never heard before. I got a germ of an idea and started developing it and that’s how ARIHANT was born. Furthermore, the sequel and the threequel were born, when I got an idea to blend science fiction with real life incidents. Hence the second and third part of ARIHANT are very patriotic in a very different sort of a way, never written before.


Give a little brief about the book Noctambulism – Flood and Blood.

ANSWER: This was my very first attempt in writing a murder mystery and I was extremely happy about the end result. NOCTAMBULISM is a suspenseful murder mystery which is woven around the concept of HOMICIDAL NOCTAMBULISM or simply, SLEEPWALKING MURDERS. Once again, a unique concept never attempted in India and very rarely attempted abroad.


Recently you have won Sahityakosh Samman Award in 2022 .Tell us your experience about it.

ANSWER: Every award that I win, always goads me into writing better and better. I feel like it’s a responsibility which pushes me every time to write something unique and entertaining. I am completely committed to entertain the readers with unique stories.


You have been also honoured with the author of the year award in fiction for Noctambulism from UKIYOTO .What kept you motivated behind the journey.

ANSWER: It’s the award itself that keeps me motivating every time to write unique and different stories. I firmly believe in quality not quantity. I may end up writing just ten books in my lifetime, but each and every one of those stories will be one-of-a-kind, trailblazing and extremely entertaining.


Nowadays we do see youngsters glued to the television .They hardly have any interest in reading books. Give them an advice on reading.

ANSWER: It’s sad to see that today’s youth is glued to television or stuck with playing video games. Apart from this, they should take time out every day to read. As it helps in the overall development of the mind and body. After all, everything, whether it’s a video game, web series, TV Serials or feature films, everything starts with a story!

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