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ISRO Scientist Tapan Misra Alleges Being Poisoned Three Years Ago


Senior ISRO Space scientist Tapan Misra has alleged that he was poisoned with a deadly chemical at the headquarters of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) when he was attending a promotion interview. The incident happened on May 23, 2017, at the headquarter of ISRO.

As per IANS reports Misra stated that he had come out in public as he fears his life post-retirement this month. In a Facebook post, the Senior Advisor at ISRO wrote- “We, in ISRO, occasionally heard about the highly suspicious death of Prof. Vikram Sarabhai in 1971. Also heard occasional doubts about the sudden death of Dr. S Srinivasan, Director of VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre) in 1999. The case of Shri Nambinarayanan in 1994 is well known. But I never thought that I will be at the receiving end of such mystery.”

He further wrote – “I was poisoned with deadly Arsenic Trioxide on 23rd May 2017, during promotion interview from Sci/Eng SF to SG in ISRO HQ at Bangalore. The fatal dose was probably mixed with chutney along with Dosai, in snacks after lunch.”

 “What followed was a nightmare lasting for almost two years. Severe loss of blood to the tune of 30-40 percent through anal bleeding. I barely could come back from Bangalore and be rushed to Zydus Cadila hospital in Ahmedabad. It was followed by severe breathing difficulty, unusual skin eruptions, and skin shedding, loss of nails on feet and hands, terrible neurological issues due to hypoxia, skeletal pain, unusual sensations, one suspected heart attack, and arsenic depositions and fungal infections on every inch of skin and internal organs,” he added.

“On 7th June, MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) security agency personnel met me and alerted me of Arsenic poisoning. I am thankful to them, as their info helped doctors to focus on exact remedy instead of scratching their heads with unusual signatures of my ailment,” he wrote in his post.

Misra alleged that treatment was initiated in Zydus Cadilla, TMH-Mumbai, and AIIMS-Delhi. He also stated that he was attacked with hundreds of aggressive emails so that he will keep his mouth shut and he had scarcely escaped from a massive explosive incident, in which Rs 100 cr lab was destroyed.

Misra also alleged that on July 19, 2019, an Indian American Professor of one of the topmost US universities suddenly appeared in his office and requested not to utter a word in the future, and in return, his IIT-K grandson would be lodged in a top college in the USA.

These two incidents convinced him that the mysterious people who are after him and probably going to trouble him more before his retirement at the end of this month. He also said that there was another attempt to poison him with arsenic in September.

News Source – IANS

image Source – Google

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