Lawyers’ strike: Supreme Court serves notice to Odisha Bar Association

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The Supreme Court filed a notice to the Bar Council of India and the Bar Council of Odisha on Friday, expressing concern about the lawyers’ strike calling for the creation of a permanent High Court (HC) bench in Western Odisha. After realizing that court operations had been severely hampered by lawyer demonstrations across the state, the bench expressed its outrage.

The justices’ bench took a strong stance against it and sent notices to various district bar associations asking them to take a position on the matter. In response to a petition that the Orissa High Court filed, the Supreme Court issued its ruling.

Umakant Mishra, a lawyer for the Supreme Court, stated, “After hearing the plea submitted by the Orissa High Court, the Apex Court realized that court operations had been severely impeded as a result of attorneys’ protest. It has thus requested that the secretary of the Odisha Bar Association and the secretaries of the district bar associations around the state appear present and provide an explanation during the next hearing of the case on Monday. They must thus be present on Monday to defend their position.

For a long time, there has been growing demand for an Orissa High Court permanent bench in Sambalpur, western Odisha. The lawyers claimed that although the Centre had requested a comprehensive proposal for the creation of a permanent bench, the Odisha government has made no progress in this area.

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