Livestock Injection Put On Sick Man In Mayurbhanj

Livestock Injection Put On Sick Man In Mayurbhanj

In a very controversial case, a sick man from Mayurbanj has been given cattle injections by doctors. The man identified as a 55-year-old man was administered injections meant for cattle in the Thakuramunda block of Mayurbhanj district on Sunday. The patient, Srikanta Mahanta is a resident of Mahuladiha village and was given an injection for animals by a doctor name Biswanath Behera.

According to Mahanta, Behera had come to Mahuladiha village posing as a doctor and Thakurmunda CHC. When he visited Mahanta’s house, Behera as about the disease and symptoms and then administered the three injections consecutively within a gap of just five minutes. He also handed over 15 tablets to Srikant to consume twice a day and charged Rs 470 for the treatment.

While the patient is stable and has not developed any complications, the locals were irate after coming to know the reality of Behera. They demanded the fraud doctor’s arrest. The local medical authorities said action will be initiated once a formal complaint is launched. Similarly, the police said that the matter is being looked into and necessary steps will be taken soon.

Story By- Saayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

Image Source- Google

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