Lockdown To Unlock: How Serious Is Virulent Virus

Lockdown To Unlock: How Serious Is Virulent Virus

The 21 days National lockdown which was formulated from 25th March 2020 due to the widespread of the deadly virus COVID-19 which kept on extending has no effect in sustaining the virus cases in India.

The extended lockdown period to unlock phrases is still renewing but do the virus is actually containing as every day we are witnessing the increasing number of COVID cases.

This scenario has completely paralyzed the financial economy structure of the country and has put millions of people out of work. Many are still striving with basic necessities like shelter and food. We all know that India is a high densely populated nation that has made more prone to the coronavirus sweeping across the globe.

With so many stratagems taken by the Centre/State government like sanitization, containment measures, lockdown (1.0/2.0) Unlock ( 1.0/2.0), the authorities had still displeased to contain the spread of the virus.

Bhubaneswar so far has reported 850 cases in this month, the total number of cases has risen up to 1865 with 13 numbers of deaths. The soaring number shows that it is difficult to control community transmission. The government and the local authorities are failing to perform contact tracing of local patients. The COVID cases in Cuttack have touched to 323 with 9 more new cases.

The Cuttack Municipality informed via twitter that two more cases been reported from Rausa Patna( Cuttack) among which one is from Acharya Harihara Post Graduate Institute of Cancer and the other one an attendant at the isolation ward of the SCB Medical College and Hospital. Even the most auspicious festival – Ganesha Puja and Dussehra would possibly not be held in Cuttack due to this distressing circumstance.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation is working hard enough to restrain the spread of the virus and has formed COVID Awareness Team with 1400 volunteers. Even the BMC has started the serological survey in 25 wards in which around 5000 locals will be surveyed. 

Article Written By Dikhya Mohanty

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