Made in India Macbooks to surface soon

by Subhechcha Ganguly

As Apple tries to expand its manufacturing in the nation, supported by the Centre’s proposal to enhance PLI (production linked incentive) outlay to roughly Rs. 20,000 crores from the current Rs. 7380 crores, we may soon see Made in India Macbooks and iPads on the market. “We have had success with the iPhone production since Apple’s leading companies, Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron, are now producing devices in the nation valued at billions of dollars. The production of items like the iPad and MacBook should move to India as our next step, according to a government source.

The IT juggernaut started producing the most recent iPhone 14, here, a few months ago. The India branch of iPhone manufacturer Foxconn was the first international business to collect incentives totaling Rs 357.17 crore under the production-linked incentive plan for mobile manufacturing last month.The IT ministry, which is responsible for increasing the nation’s electronics manufacturing, has suggested raising the PLI scheme’s budget to address this issue. Now, the finance ministry and other relevant ministries would examine the same.


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