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Merging Speed and Grace in Art

Merging Speed and Grace in Art

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By Subhojit Panda

Gifting a life-like portrait sketch to your loved ones is a great idea. But getting a perfect and flawless portrait sketch done requires hard work and dedication of the highest level. One such portrait artist who has not only left an indelible mark as a portrait artist but also as a speed artist is Jatin Tarai.

Despite the lack of professional training, Jatin can give any experienced artist a run for his money, thanks to his hyper-realistic portrait sketches.

Born and raised in Choudwar, Jatin was a meritorious student throughout. A chance meeting with his uncle, a renowned painter, evinced an interest in art in him.

“I had never planned to become an artist. When I was only 9, I saw a painting of Lord Radha-Krishna made by my uncle. The painting was so aesthetically done that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I decided to try my hands at painting as well,” said Jatin, India’s first chocolate painter.  

But it was only during his engineering days when Jatin found his calling in painting. “One fine day while casually browsing through YouTube, I saw a video of famed speed artist Vilas Nayak completing a painting of Gabbar Singh within three minutes on India’s Got Talent reality show. I was so much drawn towards the video that I challenged myself to try out the same at home,” said Jatin who quit his engineering studies in 2017 to solely concentrate on his passion.

After a few days, Jatin completed a canvas painting of Mahatma Gandhi within eight minutes and uploaded the picture on Facebook. His artwork got tremendous response from his friends. Motivated, he soon began posting pictures of his speed painting works on social media.

His talent got noticed and he started getting invitations by several colleges to showcase his skills. In one of his shows, he completed a painting of Salman Khan within six minutes.

Apart from speed painting, he possesses an amazing power to sketch life-like portraits. Generally, it takes several hours to complete a pencil sketch. But in Jatin’s case, a pencil sketch gets done within 20 minutes. His portrait sketches are so precisely done that it is hard to believe that it has been completed within 20 minutes.

Jatin who idolizes former Indian captain M.S.Dhoni aspires to meet the stylish player one day and present him a portrait sketch. Besides, Jatin has also met in person and presented portrait paintings to Ollywood actor and MP Anubhav Mohanty, actress Elina Samantaray and singer Rituraj Mohanty, to name a few.  

Though many of his friends draw a handsome salary in their respective professions, Jatin has no regrets taking the road less travelled. Today, Jatin is a happy and busy man receiving continuous orders for pencil sketches, portraits and paintings not just from across the country but outside. He has also come up with a dedicated website named www.jatintarai.com where one can place orders or have a glimpse of his artworks.

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