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‘Mo Dham Mo Garba’ Campaign In Puri


‘Mo Dham Mo Garba’ campaign launched by the district administration will help set up an objective of mobilizing people to become a part of the campaign.

In this campaign, various activities will be held as it is a week-long campaign for the people. These activities include eliminating legacy waste, utilizing garbage segregation, pledge of purity, cleansing, and beautifying the trash on vulnerable spots. Puri sea beach recently got the ‘Blue Flag’ recognition for its cleanliness, so the authority ensures that the city is also acknowledged for sanitation.

Balwant Singh, Puri collector, informed in the press meet that various key sectors meeting were conducted with people regarding the sanitation process and the campaign. He further added that ‘Our Dham’ is magnificent, and now we should all take a pledge to make it even more beautiful than others. From other cities, Puri is comparably small, so it will be easy to do whatever is needed to make it more attractive.  Their primary focus will be causing Puri to scrape out a recess for itself on the International map with 100% sanitation and cleanliness with people’s direct involvement from all walks of life.” Mo Dham Mo Garba” tagline to be inaugurated by Jagat Guru Shankaracharya.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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