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“Mukesh Ambani” 5th richest man in the world

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Here comes an enormous accomplishment for Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries. Mukesh is now World’s 5th richest man after swelling past Warren Buffet, according to Forbes magazine.

The 63-year-old is now worth 74.6 billion, outweighing Berkshire Hathaway’s chief executive Buffett’s 72.7 billion, according to the Forbes billionaires list.

"Mukesh Ambani" 5th richest man in the world 1
Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani has seen a string of deals for his digital business and shares of his Conglomerate have more than doubled since a low in March.

Earlier in March, Reliance Jio had invested 15 billion in numerous firms including Facebook Inc and Silver Lake. Last week, Google legislated MOU to buy a 4.5 billion stake in Jio platform, adding to a series of a large investment into an online venture that has been nearly 400 million users in India.

"Mukesh Ambani" 5th richest man in the world 2
Mukesh Ambani

Bernard Arnault and family, the chairperson and chief executive of luxury brand LVMH are third on the list with a wealth of 111.8 billion. Facebook ‘s Mark Zuckerberg is the fourth richest with a net worth of 89 billion.

By- JP Sahu

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