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Mystery Metal Pole Found In The US Desert Disappears


In the southeastern United States, a metal pole suddenly found less than two weeks ago has suddenly disappeared. On November 14, some employees saw the strange object from their helicopter. The crew found that it was about twice the height of a normal person. So after finding such a high pole, it became a global topic of discussion The Federal Bureau of Land Management and the state Department of Public Health have not received any information about its appearance or disappearance.

Mystery Metal Pole Found In The US Desert Disappears 1

The state agency announced on its website on Saturday that it had received reports that an unidentified party had removed the illegally installed structure. The department said there were reports of missing poles on Friday. Now no one is able to explain the sudden missing of the metal pillar , which is strange. So it is speculated that the aliens planted it and they took it.

It is also rumored that famous artist John Mc Cracken planted the pillar. He died in 2002. John’s son said that before his father’s death, he had asked for all his artifacts to be kept in a remote location and to search for them later. So far no one was able to send any information about that mysterious pole.

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