All the monks , fail the drug test of a Buddhist Temple


Unbelievably, all of a Buddhist temple’s holy men failed drug tests and were found to have consumed methamphetamine, leaving the temple empty of monks.

Thailand, which is renowned for its Buddhist temples, specialises in the treatment of drug addiction and provides patients with free recovery programmes. Patients are searched as they arrive, and any narcotics are taken away. To start the rehabilitation procedure, you must hand over all of your money and technological equipment.Unexpectedly, the temple in the Bung Sam Phan district of Phetchabun province has been defrocked, and four monks, including the abbot, have been moved to a medical centre for drug rehabilitation.

District administrator Boonler Thintapthai told AFP that the local villagers are worried since there are no monks left in the temple and that they are unable to perform any merit-making. Worshipers might earn merit by giving food to monks as a good deed. The official continued, “More monks are to be deployed to the divine grounds so that locals do not experience any trouble with regard to their worship and religious practises.”

Thailand is a significant transit country for the methamphetamine substance that enters the country via Laos from Myanmar’s unstable Shan state, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Pills can be purchased for less than 20 baht on the street.

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