Naveen Begs Opposition Not To Get Into Politics About Tender Crimes


The Opposition should engage in politics during elections, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik advised today, but not on sensitive crimes, state development, or the state’s and its people’s reputation.

“I sincerely appeal to the Opposition, we can do politics during elections but not on sensitive crimes, development of the state or the image of the state and its people. We should always work together for a larger cause, for a “New and Empowered Odisha,” said Patnaik while making a statement on the Motion of Thanks on the Governor’s address in the Odisha Assembly on Wednesday.

The Chief Minister conveyed his discontent with the Opposition’s continued efforts to politicize every crime and malign the government and its citizens. Patnaik brought the House’s attention to the ruling in the unfortunate Pari case, rendered by the Court in Nayagarh.

“I would like to remind the Members of the Opposition about the kind of obstruction they did in this House and tried to politicise this sensitive case. The people of Odisha knew very well all those who were trying to get bail for the accused and all those who tried to derail the judicial process. Now that the accused is convicted, where will the Opposition especially the State BJP who tried to politicise this issue at the cost of stalling justice to ‘Pari go,” he said.

Pointing out that he has been a member of the House for the last 24 years Patnaik said that he had never seen this kind of politicisation of sensitive issues.

“People won’t forgive those who defame their state for narrow political interests. People won’t forgive those who tried to stop the Shree Mandir and Lingaraj projects. People won’t forgive those who block the development of the state,” he said lashing out at the Opposition.

The Chief Minister said that one of the challenges faced by his government during this tenure was the COVID-19 pandemic.

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