“Navigating the Startup Seas: The Resilience and Vision of Odisha’s Angel Investor, Mr. RK Mishra”



In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, tales of resilience and ingenuity often shape the narratives of visionary leaders. At the forefront of Odisha’s burgeoning startup ecosystem stands Mr. RK Mishra, a trailblazer whose journey from entrepreneur to an Angel investor has been marked by determination, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 


Mr. Mishra serves as a pivotal figure in the startup ecosystem, wearing multiple hats as an angel investor, director, mentor, principal consultant, and advisor for numerous companies including Ridik Grad, Yoctotta Softwares, Kryjas, Todoskills, LK Engineers, Charusat Innovative Ventures Foundation, Odisha Beverages Pvt Ltd, Destarity Entertainment Pvt Ltd and AY Ventures. He also lends his expertise to institutions like IIT Bombay and IIT Bhubaneswar Research and Entrepreneurship Park, as well as initiatives such as the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA). In a candid conversation, Mr. Mishra unveils his insights, aspirations, and strategies aimed at propelling Odisha’s startups to unprecedented heights of success.


Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in 2016 with the establishment of Way to Star in the entertainment sector, Mr. Mishra encountered a landscape fraught with challenges. “Investment opportunities were scarce, and many startups faltered,” he recalls, reflecting on the inception of his entrepreneurial odyssey. “However, through perseverance and networking, I managed to secure investments, laying the foundation for my transition into the realm of investing.” Undeterred by adversity, Mr. Mishra’s resilience and strategic connections proved instrumental in navigating the turbulent waters of startup financing, setting the stage for his transformative role as an investor.


Transitioning from an entrepreneur to an investor, Mr. Mishra has garnered insights into the intricacies of startup ecosystems, particularly in emerging sectors poised for exponential growth. “Agritech and health tech are areas of profound interest for me,” he asserts. “Odisha presents immense potential in these domains, yet there remains a dearth of technological advancements. My aim is to bridge this gap by fostering innovation and development.”


Central to Mr. Mishra’s vision is the nurturing of Odisha’s burgeoning startup ecosystem beyond mere financial investments. “I envision a landscape where local investors are actively engaged and start-ups are empowered,” he affirms. “By educating High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) about startup investments and fostering collaborations with educational institutions like IIT Bhubaneswar and Bombay, we can cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.” Mentorship emerges as a cornerstone of Mr. Mishra’s approach, with a commitment to guiding and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. “Startups often struggle to articulate their ideas effectively,” he observes. “I am keen to offer mentorship and conduct workshops to refine pitching skills and enhance overall viability.”


Assessing the current state of Odisha’s startup ecosystem, Mr. Mishra acknowledges both its strengths and weaknesses. “While promising startups like Bookingjini, IG Drones, and others have emerged, there remains a gap in execution and investor readiness,” he remarks. “Addressing these challenges necessitates concerted efforts to provide mentorship, establish robust incubation centers, and foster a conducive regulatory environment.” Mr. Mishra urges government support for startup development hubs and calls for better monitoring of existing incubation centers. Only a few out of 25 are active, hindering progress. He stresses that improved oversight would benefit startups, government, and stakeholders, fostering a more conducive environment for innovation.


Acknowledging the pivotal role of angel investors in catalyzing growth, Mr. Mishra underscores the importance of not just funding but also facilitating access to networks and resources. “Angel investors possess extensive networks that can be leveraged to connect startups with national and international opportunities,” he explains. “Platforms like TiE, BCE, BNI offer invaluable networking avenues, crucial for scaling ventures and accessing capital.”


In a message to aspiring entrepreneurs and stakeholders, Mr. Mishra emphasizes self-reliance and strategic networking. “Relying solely on government support is not prudent,” he advises. “Entrepreneurs must proactively build networks and leverage available resources at each stage of their journey. Remember, a strong network is the lifeline of any startup.”


As Odisha’s startup ecosystem continues to evolve, Mr. RK Mishra stands as a guiding force, championing innovation, mentorship, and collaboration to propel the state towards a vibrant entrepreneurial future. In his steadfast commitment lies the promise of a thriving ecosystem where dreams are nurtured, ideas flourish, and aspirations soar.


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