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Nepotism and its destructive tentacles

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By JP Sahu

Nepotism is a statement based on favouritism which is granted to relatives in various domains, including business, politics, entertainment, sports etc. Nepotism has its boon and bane in the respective spectrum. It has always been criticized since ancient times.

The nepotism was seemed to be hidden but by the time it was visualized it masked off the people who are stimulating it. Nepotism or favouring of relatives and friends although unethical is quite common in all areas of human interaction, particularly in business, entertainment, politics and education.

Although no company or organisation will admit openly of nepotism floating around their hallways, it happens in every field all over the world.

It may occur in the form of a company employing a relative of an executive or upper management over people who are more qualified for the job, or an organisation lending their support to a political campaign due to some pre-existing ties between them.

Another way this social injustice is spreading all over is in educational institutions, where faculty and administrative personnel grant admission to people with relations to the staff, or because their families donate a monetary sum to the institution, in the form of a bribe. This takes positions and seats away from deserving employees and promising young students.

Corruption comes in different forms and nepotism is one of it’s most subtle and overpowering forms. Bribes accepted by people in power really reflect how badly our society has fallen, it marks the destruction of a meritocracy which should be the basis of admissions or employment.

Of course, if one candidate or student has some other attractive quality like interpersonal skills, creativity or just sheer charms and being a good conversationalist, then their selection irrespective of their academic or job skills is acceptable, but to be selected because you’re someone’s son or daughter or nephew is just plain wrong.

The problem with nepotism is even though only a few people in power have the ability to use nepotism for their own gain,  it’s effects are widespread and affect many people.

Politics is another area in which nepotism and corruption, in general, is prominent. Politicians accepting bribes and embezzling funds from political campaigns has become all too common.



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