Nilakshi Garg’s book Twenty Eight Plus One bagged the Award

Author Nilakshi Garg received the Inspiring India Authors Award 2023


The Inspiring India Authors Award took place on 18 November 2023, where books of more than 100 Authors were represented infront of a panel with distinct guests. Amongst several books the Top 15 books bagged the Inspiring India Authors Award in Kolkata.  Its really wonderful to congratulate Nilakshi Garg , Author of the book Twenty Eight plus One ,who won this award .

Sutapa Bhattacharjee with Nilakshi Garg’s Book

Sutapa Bhattacharjee who received the Top  10 Authors Award (National Category) also mentioned that she loved the book of Author Nilakshi Garg. Her most favourite poem of the book was ” Be Steel and Alloy”.This composition by Author Nilakshi Garg talks how it is very important to understand one’s self worth and also do the anylysis proper so that no one can treat you as a commodity.She also said , “It is really beautiful how despite of being so young Author Nilakshi has talked about such wonderful topics with such ease. She deserves more recognition and fame , and love  in the upcoming years.


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