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no end of sight for the returnees migrant labourers

When the world’s deadliest Virus ‘Coronavirus’ made the livelihood still, millions of people suffered due to the National Lockdown in March. When the lockdown was announced by CM Modi thousands of migrant workers were in the verge of returning to their home towns but in vain. They were not able to survive as the whole nation was shutdown, nor they were able to return to their home. 

The lockdown has virtually shut down the entire economy to which first the labourer was forced to return to their village as there was no work and now they are again coming back in the hope of finding a new job yet. With the last four-month, there was no income for most of the people forcing them to return to their workplace in search of a new job. 

“We have nothing to do here in Village, with no source of income it is getting very difficult to look after my family. For 5-6 years I was staying in Mumbai and was able to sustain my family with my income but now due to the lockdown things have turned upside down. Now we are in the verge of returning as here we have nothing to earn”, said Vijay Kumar in Jagatishnpur.

Not only the poor but even the middle-class people are struggling with their livelihood.

Sunil Ray, 42-year old owner of a clothing shop in Cuttack says “Even the shops are open here; it is still difficult for us to incur the loss of the past couple of months. Giving rent for the shop, giving salary to the workers and then sustaining our family, overall it is becoming quite difficult. Even the sale is in an inferior margin as we are not getting enough customers. Our biggest sale is at the festival time that usually starts at Rajo Festival but this year with the restrictions of celebrating festivals we have very less profit”.

Before people were scared of the virus, but now income is the most critical factor to which they are bound to return in search of work even if it cost their lives again.

Even the people who managed to survive the lockdown are also not hopeful of the current scenario as the work is not picking up, which is leading the migrant workers in an awkward position to survive.

Following the Government guidelines for COVID-19 is mandatory but along with that, searching for new work or working in their old job is giving nightmares for the daily wagers and the migrant workers.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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