Nurturing and boosting real talents through “way2star”


When it comes to entertainment industry, many new talents are being regularly hired for multi-purpose works. RK Mishra, an impetus from native state has started a firm that is helping many aspiring young talents to get a platform to perform. An engineer by proffesion and singer by passion, who has performed in over 127 stage shows across the country now owns a talent bolstering firm “way2star” which promotes young talents. Interview Times had a detailed conversation with him, here are the excerpts from the interview.

1-Apart from being an engineer, what motivated you to become an entrepreneur ?

During my initial days of job life, I could realize that i am not meant for a 10 to 5 job. I always questioned myself that why I was working for someone else rather than working for my own self. And somewhere my management skills made me to come up with something new. And eventually stepped into entrepreneurship.

2-Your company “way2star” provides a gateway to new talents, how did you came up with this idea ?

Being a singer, I went out to mumbai, to participate in a reality show. The problems and the situations that made me to come back led to the creation of Way2star. I never wanted the talents to face the same problems that were once faced by me. And the solutions to those problems is named as Way2star.

3-Who is your inspiration ?

To be very frank, some situations that I faced in my life are my true inspiration. My problems have inspired me a lot to work wholeheartedly for my company and eventually doing some good to the budding talents. Many people have motivated me reach my goal, but my true inspiration is time and the hovac that it has created at some point of my life. 

4- What are the future plans regarding your start-up ?

In a broader aspect, Way2star has the plan of touching every nook and corner of the society. Providing equal opportunities to every talent is the main moto. Along with that, the process is to be digitized in such a manner that it would be helpfull for everyone to access and grab opportunities.

5- From 0 to 3cr valuation company, would you please like to share the back-door story of your hard work and dedication ?

The only mantra behind this is to keep going. I have faced a hell lot of problems while establishing this company. But my keep going attitude has helped me a lot in overcoming the obstacles. The journey was not at all a cake walk for me. I have seen days when I didn’t have a single penny in my pocket. But I have always kept going. 

6- You are also an avid singer, participated in the 2012 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa reality show, would you like to share some experience from there ?

This period gave me the life changing experience of my life. The problems, the biasness, lack of support from family and the lack of guidance were the major things that affected me during that period. I couldn’t succeed, but have gained a lot of experience to work in the entertainment field

7- What are your other Hobbies, apart from singing ?

I find very less time for my hobbies to come up. But I like playing cricket and reading stories of entrepreneurs. Whenever I find some me time, I cook and spend some more time with my family. And my most common hobby since ages is listening songs. Song and Singing carries a special position in my life. 

8- What are your other plans through your start-up in which local talents can be boosted ?

My company is all set to launch our new mobile application, that will mitigate many problems of talents who are unable to fetch opportunities for themselves. With a hope of doing good to the society and increasing opportunities for talents, we are coming up with this mobile application.

Written By: Abinash Sahu

Image Source: InterviewTimes

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