Odisha CM Approves 30% Increase In Food Subsidy For Patients

Naveen Pattnaik To Hold Meeting To Access COVID Scare in State

To further enhance the delivery of patient care, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday authorized a 30% increase in the meal subsidy granted to indoor patients in for treatment at government hospitals. The move would save the state exchequer Rs 64 crore per year and help more than 42 lakh patients.

The amount allotted for babies’ food has been increased from Rs 75 to Rs 95, the amount allotted for high-nutrition food from Rs 95 to Rs 120, and the amount allotted for dry food from Rs 75 to Rs 95. According to the new decision, the average daily meal supplied per bed in hospitals will now be worth Rs 100 instead of Rs 85. The daily allotment has gone up from Rs. 85 to Rs. 100 on average. It is important to note that 618 government hospitals around the state will offer food at this increased cost.

To deliver better healthcare, the Odisha state government has implemented many changes. The Biju Health Welfare Scheme provides free healthcare, free diagnostic tests, free drugs through treatment, free dialysis, free blood services, free ambulance services, etc. in order to meet the state’s goal of providing public healthcare and to lower private spending on medical care.

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