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Odisha Handlooms To Expand On International Platform; Focus On E-Commerce


Odisha Handlooms is exceptionally famous for its unique designs, originality, culture, and ethnic values. The beauty of the craftsmanship of Odisha’s weavers and designs is incredible to witness. Odisha has a merely rich textile and weaving art heritage and is even termed as the second-largest sector of textile after agriculture. Now Odisha Government is making an effort to promote Odisha handlooms as international brands.

The state government will promote the Odisha handloom by selling business models to private partners who will help expand the business at the international level and improve market connection. 

A meeting was conducted where Asit Tripathy, Chief Secretary, insisted on mobilizing private sector investments in expanding the handlooms sector. Jyoti Prakash Dash, Director, Textile, Handloom, and Handicrafts, stated that the designs are mostly prepared in Bargarh, Sonepur, Kalahandi, and Koraput areas. And these weavers have excellent knowledge about tie and dye designs. Around 166 new designs have already been under the developing condition, and the process for the second phase of design and reference collection has also begun.

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This purpose’s primary focus will be to give Odisha handlooms to the international level and set on e-commerce. For the development of e-commerce, the department has already tied-up with Flipkart, Amazon, and GoGoop.

The Textile, Handloom and Handicrafts department will recognize ‘good performers’ from among officers and technical experts, who will aspirational business models and sell those to considered private partners. The profits which will come out of this will be given to the artisans and weavers. Even to promote the handlooms in larger sections, Expo-exhibitions will be held at various notable places and hotels. The Balijury Haat situated in Bargarh district will be converted as the Largest Open Ground Cloth Market in Asia. This will further help give some modern facilities, and it will be available to all sorts of market linkages.

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The young talent will get an opportunity to showcase their talent through Internships and scholarship programs.  These programs will help to introduce many new subjects like- innovative designs, motif making, banding, mixing, and yarn making. Pasapali, Sonepuri, Bomkai, and Kotpad design will be the first focus on the first phrase. For that, the weavers will also be provided with good quality yarn in advance so that they can keep their looms operating.

To promote Odisha’s design, internationally acclaimed designers like Rta Kapur Chishti, Abraham & Thakore, Rakesh Pratap Singh, Anjali Kalia, and Bibhu Mohapatra will be involved. Bayanika, Utkalika, and Sambalpuri Bastralaya would be provided interest-free working capital to purchase products from the weavers.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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