Odisha MLAs Ask Government To Boost Old Age, Widow Pensions

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Across party lines, members of the Odisha Legislature asked the state government on Friday to increase the pensions provided to old people, widows, and those with disabilities in light of increased commodity costs. Members of the opposition and treasury benches alike called for an increase in the pension to at least Rs 1,000 per month during Question Hour.

“A Rs 2.30 lakh crore annual budget for 2023-24 has been presented. If we will not be able to hike the old age and widow pension from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per month, what is the meaning of presenting such a big budget?” asked Congress legislator Santosh Singh Saluja.

He also encouraged the government to take action so that extremely old and handicapped pension beneficiaries might get their payments right at home. In the meanwhile, the administration was urged to raise the old age pension to Rs 2,000 by BJP member Mukesh Mahaling and Congress member Taraprasad Bahinipati. They encouraged the government to take eligible people who had been waiting for a pension for a long time into account as well.

Prafulla Samal and Amar Prasad Satpathy, members of the ruling BJD, backed the demand for a pension increase as well. Ashok Panda, the minister for social security and the empowerment of people with disabilities, responded by saying that the state government will take appropriate action in this respect, taking into account its financial situation.

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