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Odisha’s ‘Mo Jeevan’, ‘Mo Pratibha’ As Best COVID Practices


NITI Aayog acknowledged ‘Mo Prativa’ and ‘Mo Jeevan’ as the best Coronavirus practices in India.

In collaboration with UNICEF, ‘Mo Prativa’was launched by the Odisha Government in April is an online competition that will help to involve children as well as the youth who are stuck in their homes due to the global pandemic. This app has been launched by two categories – ‘Being at home during lockdown’ and ‘My responsibilities as a young citizen during COVID-19’.  In these app, children who are of the age group of 5-10, 11-16, and 16-18 participated in various programs like slogan writing, essay writing, short story writing, art, poem writing, and poster making.

Odisha’s ‘Mo Jeevan’, ‘Mo Pratibha’ As Best COVID Practices 1
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Even the Odisha Government also declared winners and awarded the certificates, and used the winning entries in information, Education, and Communication (IRC) materials for creating awareness.

‘Mo Jeevan’ app helps people learn and gather information about the public health and hygiene measures altogether. This app was launched by CM Naveen Patnaik, in which he urged the people to stay at home and follow every guidance and rules related to the COVID-19. This also appeared in the document titled Mitigation and Management of COVID-19 practices from Indian States and Union Territories of the NITI Aayog.

Even as per NITI Aayog , around 1300 + SHGs helped implement ‘Mo Jeevan’ pledge to educated over 1.5 Crore on Public Health and Hygiene measures.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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