OKCL: Igniting Minds, Bridging Divides, and Shaping Tomorrow

OKCL: Igniting Minds, Bridging Divides, and Shaping Tomorrow

In the heart of Odisha, a transformative force is at work – the Odisha Knowledge Corporation Limited (OKCL). Established under the auspices of the Electronics & Information Technology Department of the Government of Odisha, OKCL stands as a beacon for ushering in a new era of education and development. Jointly promoted by the governments of Odisha and Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), OKCL has become a trailblazer in integrating Information Technology into the fabric of learning and socio-economic transformation.

At the forefront of OKCL’s mission is the commitment to bridge the Digital Divide, creating a society where knowledge is not a privilege but a universal right. With its flagship program, the Odisha State Certificate in Information Technology (OS-CIT), OKCL has illuminated the path for over 85,000 individuals, establishing a network of more than 500 computer institutes. This digital literacy initiative is not merely about imparting skills; it’s about cultivating a culture of lifelong learning and empowerment.

In the driver’s seat of this transformative journey is Dr. Manoranjan Puthal, the Managing Director of OKCL. Dr. Puthal’s visionary leadership has propelled OKCL into becoming a leading IT and ITES company in Odisha. His commitment to utilizing technology for social development has birthed groundbreaking initiatives, including the implementation of the State Wide Area Network (SWAN) project, connecting government offices and enhancing public service delivery.

Dr. Puthal’s journey with OKCL reflects a narrative of strategic evolution. From Senior Manager of Strategic Planning in 2014 to the CEO in 2016 and subsequently the Managing Director in 2019, his unwavering dedication and strategic acumen have been pivotal to OKCL’s growth. Beyond technology, Dr. Puthal’s passion extends to empowering youth and fostering innovation. Under his guidance, OKCL has become a catalyst for skill development, incubating entrepreneurship, and creating a thriving startup ecosystem in Odisha.

As OKCL celebrates its mission of mass IT literacy, the vision remains clear: to prepare individuals for a knowledge-based economy, champion lifelong learning, and bridge the Digital Divide. Driven by a commitment to a bigger, better, cheaper, faster, wider, and deeper learning experience, OKCL continues to shape Odisha’s digital landscape. Awards such as “IT Man of the Year” and “Best CEO for IT implementation in State Government” underscore Dr. Puthal’s transformative leadership, setting OKCL on a trajectory of continued success.

In the evolving landscape of education and technology, OKCL stands tall, a symbol of empowerment, innovation, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

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