Old enough to retire; young enough to enjoy: World Senior Citizens Day 2021


By Aishwarya Samanta

Old age has got nothing to do with the spirit of living. The way people live more than at any other time ought to be praised as one of the greatest examples of achieving success ever. Life is delightful and senior citizens with all their idiosyncrasy, families can make the life blessings for all.

Their intelligence when amalgamated with the strength and assurance of youth skyrockets and results in balanced, abundant, visionary, eventual fate of any country. Elderly people or senior citizens are resources for the family and country. ‘Old is Gold’ yet to make advanced age a golden age there are many difficulties looked by older people. Feeling for their issues and attempting to eradicate these issues, is a bit intense however not feasible. Their plentiful love has ‘Midas Touch’ which makes unstinting, happy family and society.

Indestructible assets for society

Recall and concede that the older are capable assets who are indeed definitely more proficient than those of us in our 20s, 30s and 40s, essentially in light of the fact that they have achieved more in the course of their lives than we have. Considering this, seniors merit more freedom to have the option to assist with overhauling our society once more.
We must advise them that we recognize and honor their accomplishments, and that they are still esteemed members from our society, however they may not be monetarily dynamic members. Maybe than making cataclysmic dreams of the effect of the “grey tsunami,” it might be ideal that we adopted a more adjusted strategy to the advancing populace.


Seniors merit more freedom to have the option to assist with overhauling our society once more.

We need policies to address the genuine difficulties, for example, how to guarantee that loved ones who care for elders and assume a particularly significant part in their lives get the support they need? How would we give upholds in networks to make them as age friendly as conceivable with the goal that seniors can keep on adding to society and have the best personal satisfaction?

Recognizing seniors’ commitments would assist with making our own a more age friendly society that doesn’t set one age in opposition to the next. It would likewise be a more precise impression of how the greater part of us draw in with one another in our consistently lives.

COVID-19: The behemoth disaster

It has been distinctly seen that the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the making of a negative climate around this age group, who are additionally being named as an easy target of this dangerous virus. As a result, older people are confronting social limitations, yet additionally family negligence and aversion. Not having the option to go on long walks or talk about their concerns with their counterparts or family members has influenced their psychological well-being unfavorably. Despite the fact that asking this very age group to self-isolate is considered the best COVID-19 prevention strategy, issues identified with living arrangements can make social distancing troublesome in this country. By and by, around 87% of the old populace in India live with their kids, unambiguously circling in a higher danger of getting the disease.

Living with extended family might permit the older to get to medical care administrations, but in addition leaves them powerless against mistreatment and abuse. Then again, dejection looms on those who don’t live with their extended family. Wrestling with food availability, water and fundamental services adds to their already existing aggravation.

The number of citizens more than 60 years old has expanded consistently, from 55.6 million (6.7%) in 1991 to 104 million (8.6%) in 2011. By 2026, the number of senior citizens in India is expected to rise up to 173 million. This rapid development is concerning on the grounds that this squeezes the accessibility of care-giving and medical care facilities, which are as of now in a frayed state.

While India is known to be the country with an extremely enormous youth populace, demographic patterns uncover that we are headed towards a “grey wave”. A more comprehensive and all-encompassing consideration approach is required for the older as the current frameworks of care has basically been bombing in India, yet across the world.

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