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Poor infrastructure compromises the quality of education in schools in Odisha

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The learning environment at schools depends on the presence of buildings, classrooms, and restrooms. It has been demonstrated that high-quality infrastructure supports better instruction, enhances student results, and lowers dropout rates, among other advantages.The Odisha government has blatantly failed to give the necessary facilities to elementary and high schools, depriving pupils of access to quality education regardless of whether they are in lower or primary schooling.

Consider Maa Batulei High School, located in Astaranga Block in the Puri District, and Khaladi Primary School, located in Udala Block in the Mayurbhanj District. Education in these schools has been severely impacted by infrastructure issues.Lack of classrooms forces teachers to teach children in classes from Class I to Class V while classes are being held in an unsafe facility in Astaranga. These schools demonstrate the stark reality at a time when the state administration claims to have spent a significant amount of money on infrastructural development through the Mo School initiative. According to sources, Maa Batulei High School is the only educational option for pupils who live in the Uddayakani, Chhenu, Tundahar, and Kalamkani districts. Students these days are afraid to attend school because of the school’s poor condition.

Ramakant Mahanta, the block education officer, stated that “more classrooms are needed for efficient school operations. There are some dangerous classrooms. I have brought this to the district administration’s notice.

By Anisha Sengupta

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