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Priyanka Gandhi list 5 Demands And Questions Of Victim’s Family

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Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi met the family of the victim yesterday, who was purportedly gangraped in Hathras last month, and said that they will fight for ensuring justice to the Dalit woman. After meeting the victim’s family, Priyanka Gandhi, in a series of tweets, listed some of the demands of the Hathras case victim.

“Questions of Hathras victim’s family —

 1. A judicial probe be conducted through the Supreme Court.  2. Hathras DM be suspended and not given a big post. 3. Why our daughter’s body was burnt using petrol without our permission.” “4. Why we are being repeatedly misled and threatened.  5. For humanity’s sake, we brought ‘chita se phool [collecting remains after cremation]’, but how do we believe that this dead body is that of our daughter?” Priyanka Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

Rahul Gandhi while talking to media mentioned that “Her father told him that the administration had forcefully taken their sign on some documents but it will led to nothing. We will fight untill we get justice.”

In early morning today SIT reach the Hathras’ Boolgarhi village to record the statement of victim’s family. This is just a day after CM pitched for CBI probe. But as per the victim’s family they don’t want CBI probe. They said in a statement that they want the matter to be scrutinized under the Supreme Court.

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