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Randeep Hooda Raise Concern Over Coal Corridor In Goa

Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda a fine actor, known to raise voice against some of the valid points regarding environmental issues most often.

The recent incident of Goa drawing a alots of attention where Randeep Hooda took his Twitter to give an impetus to a major cause.

For those who are unaware of lots of Goans gathered at Chandor village in South Goa on 1 November hold midnight protest against state government’s move to push for expansion of railway network between Margao and Sanvordem.

Randeep in his Tweet urged more people to talk about the cause and stand along with the people of Goa who are protesting against loss of around 70,000 trees and the destruction of the biodiversity hub.

Even in Mumbai Randeep seen as walking along the talk.
Even during the lockdown Randeep was seen as ventured into clear the beaches in Mumbai, a cause that is close to heart.

He even talks about how we should reduce the dependence of plastics from our lives.

The actor and environmentalist took his twitter to take a stand against railway project that will reportedly destroy forest that is a tiger habitat.

Written By- Mousami jena
Image courtsey- Google