Ruskin Bond Gem of World


The books of Ruskin Bond are the perpetual gifts opened by many generations and will continue to spread. Ruskin Bond filled a lot of children’s childhood with vibrant colours, adventures and humour. However, through his writings, many adults had witnessed Delhi, Shimla, Darjeeling and the beauty of the hills. Memorable characters like Rakesh, Binya, and Uncle Ken were introduced to our lives who had conquered our hearts while reading about them. Not only did he teach us, but he also made us realize the strength of attachment. It made us believe in life, there exists a friendship like Rakesh and his fondness for his cherry tree, a cute sister like Binya and a funny relative like Uncle Ken.

Ruskin Bond had no idea he had touched so many readers’ souls and given us a new world of love, care, friendship and a treasure trove of adventure. His books have inspired children to collect stamps, visit historical sites, enjoy ice cream and go to the cinemas. The scenario of the station and the pleasant train route had developed the quest for travel. Through Ruskin Bond’s books, readers hear the train whistling, taste the sweetened tea at the tea stall, and even see the leopard at night while reading the pages. His books made the summer vacation of every child so fascinating and beautiful. His poems made us laugh and think deeply about these simple but meaningful words. If Rusty hadn’t been our hero, our childhood would have become so bland and meaningless.

Thank you, Ruskin Bond, for making so many kids’ childhood enjoyable, especially mine. Today I am the author because I was inspired by Ruskin Bond’s books to become a writer. I grew up reading Ruskin’s books, and until today I read his books; there is no age to read Ruskin Bond’s books. Am currently reading his book ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. If you are grown-up you should read his books, you will be transformed again in your childhood days. To feel youth, no one needs Time Machine; it is enough to flip through the pages of Ruskin Bond Books.

About the Author

Shaheen is  a versatile author from Mumbai, India living in Saudi Arabia for the past two decades.  She has  worked in the laboratory section of the military hospital in Saudi Arabia’s administration while studying IATA. She  pursued my passion for writing, which has always been close to my heart.

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