Sailendra Jena – Murder Case Update

The Murder over extra marital affair in Nayagarah

by Subhechcha Ganguly

In the Nayagarh district, a guy named Sailendra Jena was allegedly killed because of an adulterous relationship with a woman. Initial reports state that Sunita Sahu, her husband Dipu Sahu, and Surya Sahu, a close friend of Dipus, killed the deceased Sailendra Jena. The deceased Sailendra Jena was a native of the Mahantipada region of Cuttack.

According to reports, the murder of Sailendra Jena was plotted by Sunita Sahu, Dipu Sahu’s father, and Surya. The primary suspect, Dipu Sahu, a dahibara salesman by trade, spoke openly to the police during the reenactment of the crime scene.After learning of his wife Sunita’s extramarital romance with Sailendra, Dipu Sahu and his family left for Nayagarh. Even after relocating to Nayagarh, Sailendra kept going back to meet Sunita there. According to sources, accused Dipu planned the murder after learning about their relationship. Sailendra was summoned by Sunita to their home in Mahipur on December 3rd, when he was killed by his father Dipu and a runaway companion. The body was later set on fire in a drain, and the remains were dumped in a nearby pond.

The couple has been detained by the police in this matter thus far, and the other suspects have fled.

SP Nayagarh According to Alekha Chandra Pahi, “Sunita Sahu, her husband Dipu Sahu, his lover Surya Sahu, and Dipu’s father all arranged the murder of Sailendra Jena. They then incinerated the body nearby and disposed of the body parts in a nearby pond.

Sunita Sahu and Surya Sahu are in our custody; the other two have fled. We have sent a team to the crime scene, and we will be looking into the other locations in light of their admissions. We will take possession of whatever body parts we come upon.While they were staying in Cuttack and Sunita’s husband was selling dahibara, Shailendra and Sunita fell in love. The family relocated to Nayagarh over the previous two years. Even after relocating to Nayagarh, Sailendra continued to pay Sunita frequent visits. Sailendra went to Sunita’s house on December 3rd, and following a verbal altercation, they allegedly killed him.

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