Samsung Beats IBM And Amazon To Attain Best Employer In World, Rankings Released By Business Forbes List

Samsung -Beats- IBM -And -Amazon -To -Attain -Best -Employer -In -World, -Rankings -Released -By -Business -Forbes- List

Samsung electronics topped the world’s best employer ranking in a recent study by Forbes.

The study reportedly asks for the response of participants regarding willingness to appoint employers based on covid-19 response, talent, gender equality, and more demographics.

The Forbes study was done via sammobile in partnership with a
research firm Statistica.

More than 160,000 people from 58 countries participated in the survey anonymously.

They reported full-time and part-time workers where the report states the survey went on a rolling basis from June-July.

Samsung Electronics topped a list of 750 MNCs headquartered in over 45 countries and to be precise, Samsung electronics ranked No.1 overall and categorized under Semiconductor, Electronics, Electrical Engg., Technology Hardware & Equipment.

Surprisingly LG trails behind Samsung at 5th Place outsmarting Apple, and Huawei.
If we take Samsung, it experienced loads of ups and downs as a multinational company in 2020.

However, every time, it woke up from the dust and improved as when the world got hit by Coronavirus, it quickly shut its factories in South Korea after spreading confirmed cases but soon scaled it back on track.

As an Electronics company, it didn’t stop there. It opened a UV sanitization service for its Galaxy series of Smartphones.

Similarly, in the semiconductor business, it was quick enough to shift production from Korea to Vietnam to tackle the situation.

Later, it smartly reduced component orders by 50% when the situation was near-death sentence back then.

It also contributed to countries like India by pledging nearly ₹20 crores for the PM CARES fund and other state govt to combat virus.

It launched a new Smartwatch App for Galaxy Smartwatch users that remind them to wash their hands.

Add to this other measures include UV Sterilizer cum wireless charger anti-microbial smartphone cases and a Coronavirus checkup center at South Korean Plant.

And now, it’s ready to expand the market even more but also ensures the safety of its Smart home products with UV-LED technology.

Writtwn By- Mousami jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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