Sea erosion in Astaranga & Kakatpur blocks of Puri district!

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

With increase of environmental pollution humans are being pushed towards a bigger trouble. Deforestation has also contributed to the issue. Besides, global warming has become a matter of concern. These are the reasons for which in Odisha we are witnessing sea storm in Puri in regular interval. Not only sea storm but due to its impact irregular rain occurs. Cutting of tree in large number has contributed to all this problems. Accordingly, the sea erosion has increased which may severely affect the residents of 18 villages in the Astaranga and Kakatpur Block in Puri distrit of Odisha.

Ocean pollution has many consequences that directly and indirectly affect marine life, as well as humans.  Environment pollution has become a big problem for the whole world.

As per reports, the residents of Daluakani, Keutajanga, Chhenu, Tandaghar and Udaykani may soon fall victim to sea erosion. Accordingly, the jhaun trees are getting destroyed.

About 10 years ago, sea was about 2 km away from the shore at this place, but sea water can be touched at a few meters of distance from the shore. If pollution continues in this way, a day will come when Astaranga and Kakatpur block will be gobbled up by the sea.


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