Shaping the Future : A Visionary Educator and Founder of Tetrahedron College

Professor Tridev actively contributes to several educational initiatives and changes, changing the face of education as a whole


In addition to serving as the recognized owner of our known college Tetrahedone , Professor Tridev is a  luminary  figure in the field of education. Numerous lives have been forever changed by his love of learning and dedication to creating an atmosphere that fosters intellectual development.

Professor Tridev actively contributes to several educational initiatives and changes, changing the face of education as a whole. His inspiring leadership has elevated the institution to new levels of quality, establishing it as a centre for intellectual brilliance and moral principles.His compassionate approach and genuine concern for the success and well-being of his students have created a supportive and nurturing learning environment

Professor Tridev sir is a  person from a village completed their +2 at SN College Rajkanika, their bachelor’s in chemistry with honours at Salipur College, and they are currently enrolled in a doctoral programme at Centurion University. Their goal is to help poor students and students who attend odia-medium schools obtain opportunities and land good jobs. They also have a strong interest in working to advance the education system in Odisha. If the government asks them for their assistance, they can count on them to gladly

What drove you to establish a college, and what were your goals and vision?

Although many individuals are interested in the education line, several intellectuals have participated in this medium. So I did my msc chemistry  from Ravenshaw in 2001 and have a huge experience of coaching nm tutorial, chemistry  tetrahedron coaching centre and i have a mindset that if a business man can come in this education sector, so as per being a professor why shouldn’t i give it a try and do something and my moto was to not work under any person my moto was to work under me thats what drove me in this line and  I have employed over 400 individuals and counting.

As we can see, education has become a saturated organisation, with a growing number of universities and competitions, so what were the challenges that you experienced during the establishment of your college?

I haven’t encountered any challenges to the improvement of Tetrahedron up until this point only because we don’t have any black money on hand, but otherwise, we’ve made great strides in recent years. I started Tetrahedron Higher Secondary School in 2013 before Tetrahedron Junior College, and now it has around 2000 students in +2 and 300 students enrolled in neet coaching. The only challenge we faced was the financial challenge regarding loans

What inspired you to encourage your students to achieve such exceptional results?

I come from a low-income family with six sisters and three brothers, and my father runs a little business. If I can get to this position forming the tetrahedron, then nothing is now impossible for me. Many individuals have signed up with the cbse board for excellent education and a name, but when I founded Tetrahedron, my goal was to remain with the chse and teach the underprivileged while raising their academic standards.Around three fatherless students are expected to graduate as doctors this year, and after watching all of the kids’ efforts, that is what motivates me to work.

What efforts did you take to ensure educational quality and increase academic standards?

The odisha government has many organisations, with odisha adarsha vidyalaya being one of the most significant. However, in these organisations there is no accountability, just as there is no proper accountability in revanshaw or bjb. In these organisations, teachers receive their salaries and attend classes, but there is no proper accountability in my organisation.Tetrahedron has accountability; if you are teaching the students, you must produce results. We frequently have discussions with the teachers and keep an eye on them using cctv. As a result of this accountability, our college is able to offer the best education possible by comprehending and resolving the problems of the students.

What does accountability entail in the context of the educational field?

Accountability here refers to the need to monitor a teacher’s attendance in class, whether he is actually teaching the students or is just chit-chatting with them. In our college, we do check this on a daily basis and also offer classes to clear up any doubts. Some teachers regularly arrive late to class, but we don’t accept this kind of behaviour here; instead, we stick to the schedule. If the government will assign me responsibilities for a district or any new education programme, I’m willing to accept them. I am really interested in working for Odisha’s education.

What do you think of the odia education system, which in many ways falls short of other systems in terms of quality?

Odisha’s chse education system is one of the best; the only thing lacking is fluency in English, but the students in this system are strong in math. This year, 50 students will qualify for government mbbs seats from Tetrahedron, and I want to let you know that 50 of those students are from odia medium backgrounds. Because odia medium students are intelligent and strong in math, the only issue they encounter is a lack of fluency in English.

 what contributions the college has made to the local community and how it has benefited society?

Tetrahedron has employed a large number of local residents; out of the 400 employees, 250 come from the neighbourhood, which is significant for both me and them because it provides their families with an important source of income. Tetrahedron has had a significant impact on the growth of our neighbourhood, and if anything goes inappropriate in the neighbourhood, our trust helps with everything.

What measures did you take while hiring faculty members and other staff members for your college?

In government colleges, there are no demo classes for faculty selection; however, in my college, we have demo classes for the selection, and my college always observes how a teacher teaches in addition to a classroom, which is crucial for Tetrahedron. When we hire teachers, we do not consider their careers but only how they can teach and interact with students.

Given that your college is located in a rather remote region, how did you conduct your marketing campaigns?

You see when are college is in a local area or little inside their will be less crowding, less pollution and students will get a good studying environment in my opinion. Bhubaneswar is linked only to south odisha while tangi is in the centre of Odisha connected to every other district.

How did you cope with the advancements in technology and progress in the educational system?

We haven’t made much progress in the technology sector, so I’m concentrating on offline coaching rather than online coaching at the moment. In neet, you can see that people prefer physical walls for coaching, but we’re concentrating on offline coaching direct coaching. Eventually, though, I’ll hybridise and introduce restored technology to our college.

Taking a look back at your journey what was your college’s finest moment?

I only care about results, and I only want my students to get good grades and get good jobs. I am proudest when my less fortunate students succeed and become doctors, because that is the best and proudest moment of my life. However, aside from this, I am not satisfied. I expect my college to graduate 50 doctors this year, and then 100 more in the following years.

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