Shrikant Tyagi’s wife claims he attended BJP gatherings.


Since last Friday, Tyagi’s wife has been twice held by the police for interrogation. She claims that during the entire ordeal, she was subjected to mental torture and her family was subjected to harassment. Since his altercation with a woman last week, Shrikant Tyagi has continued to attend BJP events, but according to his wife Anu Tyagi, the party has abandoned him. Anu, who has been held by the police for interrogation twice since last Friday, claimed she was subjected to mental torture and that her family had been subjected to harassment. The claims have been refuted by Noida Police who are participating in the probe. Although Tyagi claims to be a member of the national executive of the BJP’s Kisan Morcha and the national coordinator of its Yuva Samiti, the party has insisted he is not.Anu Tyagi acknowledged that her husband’s language was unacceptable, but she claimed that the woman who filed the complaint was the one who started the dispute. Did she or other women in the community have the right to remove any trees if we had no right to grow them? They may have gotten in touch with the municipal or forest department to take the proper steps,” she added.

By Subhechcha Ganguly