Home Education Times Subramanian Swamy Urges PM Modi to Postpone JEE and NEET Till Deepawali

Subramanian Swamy Urges PM Modi to Postpone JEE and NEET Till Deepawali

Subramanian Swamy Urges PM Modi to Postpone JEE and NEET Till Deepawali
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As the assumptions and interest for delay of JEE and NEET entrance exam for the current year increase, Bhartiya Janata Party pioneer and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Friday said that he has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi just as the education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal to direct the entrance tests of NEET, JEE and other serious tests till after Diwali, in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

The BJP pioneer took to Twitter and posted, “I have quite recently addressed the Minister of Education proposing that NEET and different tests be led after Deepavali. The SC request recently isn’t a bar since the Hon’ble Court has left the date to the legislature. I am sending an earnest letter to the PM a little while ago.”

In the letter, Swamy expressed, “There is widespread distress among the young since this test is the deciding moment for them and they need to take it completely arranged. Holding the test in toy opinion, you may prompt countless suicides around the nation of youth.”

He likewise referred that the Supreme Court “doesn’t force the administration, on whether to now or after fourteen days or after two months, the entrance exam. It is a choice of the Government.”

He likewise composed that so as to hold the serious exams, all aspects of the necessary infrastructure as at present such a framework was not yet set up for students. “In the city of Bombay for instance, there is no public vehicle available and individuals need to come from the neighbouring territories, regularly 20kms to 30kms away,” Swamy brought up in the letter.

In another tweet Swamy expressed, “I have just tweeted just as passed on to the Education Minister that NEET tests ought to be after Deepavali. Minister Pokhrial is holding a crisis meeting. We will see. I was approached to intercede by all of you at a late stage after SC had conveyed its judgment.”

The JEE Main exam is booked to be held between September 1 to 6 while JEE advance test will occur on September 27. NEET  will be hung on September 13.

On Monday, the Supreme Court excused a supplication looking for deferment of JEE (Main) April 2020 and NEET-Undergraduate students saying the valuable year of understudies “can’t be squandered” and life needs to go on.

“Life needs to go on. Life needs to push forward. Valuable year of understudies can’t be squandered,”  Justices B R Gavai and Krishna Murari, said during the meeting directed through video conferencing while at the same time making ready for beginning of the tests as planned.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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