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Superstar Rajnikanth is all set to make his debut with ‘secular and spiritual politics’


Tamil superstar, Rajinikanth’s party is now embroiled in politics. The superstar’s political entry has sparked controversy. Thalaiva Rajinikanth has announced his intention to enter politics. He also tweeted that he would announce the political party in January. “We will come, people will give us power. We will meet everyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion, a government free of corruption and a pure image”. The Tamil superstar has lifted the curtain on his political entry suspension by tweeting something like this.

Rajinikanth tweeted that the new party would be formed in January and that it would be announced on December 31. He said the decision was taken after a marathon discussion with M Mandaram, district chief on Monday. He has also discussed the issue with his colleagues and friends for two consecutive days.

Rajinikanth gave an interview to the media after making a big announcement on Twitter. “I will come during the Tamil Nadu assembly elections,” Rajinikanth said at the Pozai Garden residence in Chennai. “I will campaign statewide. But Corona has set the bar.”

“If not now, never. We will change everything. We will change everything from government to politics. I am a small tool of change. People are the key to change,” he said. “If I win, it’s up to the people, if I lose, it’s mine,” he added. “I would be happy if I could do something for the people of Tamil Nadu,” he said.

“I have already started working for this. The time has come for Tamil Nadu to change. I will never back down from my decision,” said Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.

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