Silicon Valley star returns to Tamil Nadu to teach village children; in his opinion knowledge is more important than marks

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Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of software development company Zoho is currently living everyday life. At this point, he has taken on an excellent task. He is teaching the village children. The Silicon Valley star, who has a fortune of about $ 2.5 million on the Forbes list, returned to the village of Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu last year. He then spent all his time teaching children. He emphasizes education that can be based on knowledge, not numbers.

Fifty-three years old Sridhar shared his experiences of the lockdown period with everyone. He has also decided to open a school in the village and teach children for free. The school will also have food for children. He wants to create such a model where degree or numbers will not matter. 

“Educating children is the goal of his life,” he said. He is now teaching part-time. He wants to develop it as a model. So it will not be associated with the CBSE and any other traditional boards, he is about to start. He wants to do something new. Last year, his company worked on children who dropped out of school without taking the 10th or 12th exams and trained them.

According to villagers, Sridhar is living everyday life. He is riding a bicycle, teaching children for two to three hours. He now has four teachers. Also, 52 students are studying.

Instead of marking, children need to focus on knowledge. Sridhar added that there were many challenges in the village during the Corona pandemic. The children did not have enough smart phones to study online. So he decided to teach them himself. He acknowledges that children should not take marks seriously. It is essential to acquire knowledge; those who focus solely on spots do not get good grades. 

By Akankshya Mahapatra

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