Tesla CEO Elon Musk becomes world’s richest person, surpasses Jeff Bezos


Tesla chief Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. He took first place by defeating Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. According to Bloomberg, Musk’s net worth is now estimated at $ 188.5 billion. That’s $ 1.5 billion more than Bezos.

On Thursday, Elon Musk’s Tesla shares rose 5.75 percent, giving him a chance to surpass Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com, has been named the richest man since 2017. But 49-year-old South African engineer Elon Musk has now topped the list. His Space X organisation has been the talk of the town for its domestic space program. In November, Elon Musk overtook Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Image Source : CNN

Musk’s property prices have risen sharply in the past 12 months. He has a net worth of $ 150 billion. Even his company Tesla’s share price has risen 743 percent. Last year, Tesla built 500,000 cars, challenging the competing company Ford and General Motors. Democrats, however, have emphasized the use of electric cars in the United States. Tesla’s share price has risen sharply since Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. election.

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