The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur

The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur

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By, Itishree Mishra

Pradipta Mohanty, President-Designate CII (Odisha) and Chairman of SNM Group

Pradipta Mohanty(The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur), the lynchpin of the mining-focused SNM Group, is all set to take over the reins of the Odisha chapter of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). His presence as a towering business leader will serve the premier industry body in good stead.

Endowed with ample business acumen and enormous industry experience, Mohanty’s(The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur) elevation as CII president is expected to bring in happy tidings for all industry stakeholders.

An articulate spokesman hopes run high of him to voice the concerns and issues faced by industries running their operative units in Odisha. More often than not, CII has been at the vanguard of the interests of India Inc and enjoys excellent liaisons with the corridors of power.

Mohanty’s(The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur) leadership will perk up CII’s efforts especially in articulating the concerns and expectations of the Odisha-based industries.

Born at a hamlet in Keonjhar (Odisha), Pradipta Mohanty became a classic personification of the “rags to riches” through hard work and absolute honesty.

His(The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur) business acumen, commitment to social peace and justice, sports and welfare activities aimed at uplifting the underprivileged, are all widely recognized and appreciated by the society.

He is a recipient of several awards and accolades including “Doctorate”. Pradipta Mohanty is essentially a man dedicated to uplifting the society and industry to a whole new level.

He is a man with a mission and a vision to help the blossoms in the dust, silently. Today apart from being the Chairman of the SNM Group, he is also the Director of several other ventures across Odisha.

Where there is a will, there is a way is the motto of the Group’s chairman. As an aspiring young visionary with innovative ideas, he began his career imbibed with “Whatever we offer, we should offer the best”.

He(The Broad Spectrum Entrepreneur) is spearheading a spectrum of businesses like Mineral Mining, manufacturing, power generation, infrastructure development, solar power, agricultural initiatives as leading business activities along with corporate social activities in the nature of agricultural development, health & hospitality, educational house under the banner of SNM Charitable Trust, all with the intent of providing quality service and products at affordable prices to all people

Despite the ever-changing scenario of the economy, he ensured that the business is guided by ethics and values, above all.

In a fast-paced world, the SNM Group still holds good the principles of courtesy, traditional values, and discipline. With this approach, we aim to usher in a new era in the Indian economy.

The meteoric rise of a humble mining handling activity, which grew into a multifaceted economic conglomerate, is a combined result of innovation through responsibility and foresight.

Adding new products, upgrading infrastructure and services to suit the ever-changing customer needs is the essence of clearly defined strategy spearheaded by Mohanty.

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