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The decision itself a Limbo

CWC Meeting For next Leader
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CWC meeting live blog

After a day-long political drama in CWC meeting, the party is still in limbo and had a difference in opinion. One section is in favour of Rahul and others in favour non- Gandhi president.

Ultimately there is no decision in the form of a decision like Sonia Gandhi as interim president until the next elected president.

Congress pioneer RPN Singh mentioned Sonia Gandhi to proceed on the post of gathering president during the CWC. RPN Singh said that he has taken in a great deal from Sonia Gandhi and might want her to proceed on her post. Sonia Gandhi had offered to leave the post of Congress break boss prior in the day.

RPN Singh stated, “When we challenged Jharkhand surveys, she had quite recently taken over as between time boss, yet she gave it her everything and we won.”

A Congress councilor from Delhi has composed a letter in his blood to Sonia Gandhi, guaranteeing that not choosing Rahul Gandhi as the congress president won’t be in the take home gift’s. In the letter, Sandeep Tanwar composes that Rahul Gandhi hosts battled for the congress during troublesome occasions.

Among the early speakers at the CWC was Manmohan Singh, who said Sonia Gandhi should proceed in any case till we run across of the All India Congress Committee (AICC)meeting, where the way toward searching for another president could be begun.

P Chidambaram repeated the recommendation. With Sonia Gandhi purportedly firm on stopping, an AICC meeting to dispatch the quest for another boss developed as a well known proposal.

Mukul Vasnik, one of three CWC individuals who had composed a letter to Sonia Gandhi featuring the requirement for a critical redesign inside Congress, got passionate while tending to the CWC meet today. He said that he has taken in a great deal from Sonia Gandhi might want to apologize for any misstep that he may have made.

Ghulam Nabi Azad has given an explanation on his proposal to leave just as media reports that Rahul Gandhi blamed him and 22 others for conspiring with the BJP.

“An area of media is wrongly crediting that, in CWC I advised Shri Rahul Gandhi to demonstrate that the letter composed by us is in plot with BJP-“let me make it exceptionally evident that Shri Rahul Gandhi has neither in CWC nor outside said that this letter was composed at the command of BJP”,” Azad said.

“What I said was, yesterday some Congress individual had said that we did it at the command of BJP and in that setting I said “It is most sad that a few partners (outside CWC) have blamed us for a plot with BJP, and if those individuals can demonstrate this claim, I will leave”,” he said.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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