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CWC Meeting For next Leader

CWC meeting live update

As per the latest development in the CWC meeting, Rahul Gandhi scrutinized the planning of letter to Sonia Gandhi. At the CWC meet, Rahul Gandhi inquired as to why the letter was sent when the gathering was battling in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and when Sonia Gandhi was sick.

On spilled letter, Rahul Gandhi has said he is profoundly stung.

Dr Manmohan Singh inclinations Sonia Gandhi to proceed as Congress between time president for the whole meeting. Veteran pioneer AK Antony seconds previous PM’s solicitation.

Previous Congress president Rahul Gandhi has started tending to the virtual gathering of the CWC. Different pioneers present at the gathering are requesting that he take over as gathering boss.

Not long after the CWC meet started on Monday, Sonia Gandhi offered to leave as the gathering boss. Congress pioneer KC Venugopal read out a letter by Sonia Gandhi wherein she has communicated her desire to step down and furthermore said that procedure to locate another president ought to started.

The letter to Sonia Gandhi, marked by 23 Congress pioneers, will be delivered after CWC meet, sources have said. “We haven’t requested a non-Gandhi president. We have just said full time accessible and dynamic president is required,” one of the signatories disclosed to India Today TV.

However all the information is according to the sources no official statement is made yet. More is yet to come. Stay tuned with interview times.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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