The growth of Digital News Medium in the 21st century

by Subhechcha Ganguly


How often do we read newspapers today ? It is not a doubtful fact that Digital Medium are one of the first things we refer to for different types of news . Digital medium was limited to the youngsters for a span of time but now it is used by the universal audience .

Why is there an alarming rate of increase in the number of digital medium readers nowadays ? Is it because its affordable and convenient or there are other reasons . We would talk about each of them at a time. Initially newspapers gave the news in details which helped the readers to understand the actual incident . However nowadays , there are several reasons of opting for a digital news medium . Believability is one of them. In Digital , apart from the written content and images , video and audio could be shared which can enhance the story more. For people who have less time to go through each and every line in newspaper , they can just spend 30 secs to watch a video and get the jist of the news that  has to be written. Moreover digital devices are more portable than the print mediums. It can be easily carried by anyone to any corner of the world.

Online news on a smartphone. Woman reading news or articles in a mobile phone screen application at home. Newspaper and portal on internet.

Online news on a smartphone. Mockup website. Woman reading news or articles in a mobile phone screen application at home. Newspaper and portal on internet.

Apart from everything else it is cost efficient and just with an internet connection one can afford all exclusive news from all around the world. Visual mediums also helps us to get the news of our interest . If someone is interested in the sports or the entertainment sections they could just opt in for those kinds of news.  If we talk about print media newspapers and magazine do have a separate nostalgia , as few people still prefer the feeling of reading newspapers and get a grasp of different kind of news regularly. However Digital medium has become a more convenient option because of the credibility , portability and affordability it provides. According to a survey conducted during the lockdown it has been shown that the readership of Digital News Mediums have increased to 45%. The digital news mediums are accessible not only in the news websites but also through social media websites like Instagram , facebook which makes it more appealing . Thus Digital Medium has gained immense popularity and can be seen having a great future as well.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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