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Building your reputation as a makeup artist takes a lot of time, patience, and sufficient funds. As you need to build a portfolio of significant clients who require your excellent abilities and connections to experts. Makeup By Romma operates under the principle that makeup should not be used to cover up flaws as much as it should be used to highlight features and bring out a person’s natural attractiveness. They take care of every little detail to make sure you shine on your big day, starting with a beauty consultation, basic cleansing, full HD makeup with highlighting and contouring, hairdo, and drape.

At a young age, Romma, as she is affectionately known, understood the value of accepting and loving oneself. Romma, who is now well-known in the beauty sector, owns and operates the Makeover by Romma unisex salon in Cuttack. When asked how it all began, she responded, “I got married in 2013, by which time I had dropped a lot of weight and started living a healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t depriving myself of food or eating less, but I was eating well and working out. Since makeup has always piqued my attention, I began learning by entering the field. I chose to establish my salon here in Cuttack in 2014 because it is where I began my grooming career.

Subhashree Hati was a typical adolescent. She came from a loving home, did well in school, and aspired to be successful in life. She was a great student in college but never paid attention to how she looked. But there were occasions when she was contrasted with her fair-skinned sisters. She was frequently evaluated for her appearance and skin tone during graduation. Those close to you shared your opinion on “how would you get married?” This caused her to take a seat and give the situation some serious thought. She came to the realization that despite saying “bhaad main Jaye society!” one can’t actually avoid it.

Romma began sharing her work online with the help of social media, which offered her a lot of encouragement. Her first cosmetic job brought in Rs 4,000. As the compliments poured in, one of her friends recommended that she launch her own Facebook page, Makeup by Romma. “I have been fortunate to lead a life that has given me the chance to pursue the things I love. I’m very thrilled after reading positive comments about my work, she says. One of Romma’s career highlights was applying Tulsi Kumar’s cosmetics while she was in Bhubaneswar for a KIIT event. “Hearing positive comments about my work from Tulsi Kumar was a huge lift for me personally and professionally.”

Romma is now an artist in the truest sense of the word and a brand in her own right. She gives clients stunning looks for their important occasions and is currently starting a grooming course at her salon. “To look good, you don’t need to wear a tonne of cosmetics. Additionally, your demeanour and level of confidence are evident in your expression. Therefore, I advise everyone to spread joy and happiness. True beauty is found there. Romma summarises that makeup artists are available to add the finishing touch to everything else.


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