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The story of India’s Army Dog Axel

A terrorist was killed and three security officers were injured in a shootout in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Saturday, according to a senior police officer, who also stated a sniffer dog used by the military was killed in the operation. After being dispatched to locate the insurgent, ‘Axel’ was shot three times in the head and murdered instantaneously. From the scene of the firefight, security personnel discovered an AK-47 weapon, three magazines, and a bag.Axel, a two-year-old light brown Belgian Malinois from the 26 Army Dog Unit, was killed in action after being hit by terrorist bullets while deployed in a counter-terrorist operation with the 29 Rashtriya Rifles unit in the area of the 10 Sector RR counter-insurgency force, according to Army officials. Initially, another Army dog, ‘Balaji,’ was dispatched for building intervention and sanitised the passage inside during a building clearing operation.

A well-trained assault dog, according to authorities, may tear into a militant’s hiding place and cause fatal injuries. They claimed that if the dog had gotten any closer to the terrorist, the meeting would have ended considerably sooner. Axel had already participated in a few successful missions and was an effective assault dog.These animals are occasionally outfitted with cameras and placed inside homes or buildings to provide exact location information as well as other facts such as weapons and ammo carried by insurgents. After pinpointing the insurgents’ position, the crack squad of police or army organise their assault while ensuring no deaths. “Drones provide us with an overview of a building or home where militants are confined, but they do not provide us with specifics within a house or an annexe,” an official explained, adding that “the dogs come in handy and help us in operations when room intervention is necessary.” The trainer of Axel has been shattered. According to an official, the dog master was saddened by the dog’s death and continued to stroke it long after it died.


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